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The Exploitation of America’s Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities by China and Other Foreign Governments

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army attacks American companies every day to try to steal trade secrets and gain commercial advantage for state controlled businesses. Criminal hackers can cause tremendous damage, whether trained in China or not. If a high level expert, such as any member of China’s elite Unit 61398, aka Comment Crew, gets into your system, they … Continue Reading

Cybersecurity: a few of my favorite videos and some thought provoking questions

One of my passions is Cybersecurity, especially in the context of electronic discovery. I am focused on safeguarding the electronic data of the clients of my law firm. There are many black hat hackers out there, and even foreign governments, that hack into the computers of U.S. corporations and law firms every day. The dangers … Continue Reading

Cybersecurity Warning Bulletin: Telephony Denial of Service Attacks Continue With Current Focus on Healthcare

Cyber criminals continue to conduct Telephony Denial of Service (TDoS) attacks to extort money from businesses and governments that rely heavily on telephones. In a TDoS attack criminals flood a victim’s telephone lines with fake calls that makes it impossible to use their telephones. The criminals then demand payment to stop the jamming calls and make the … Continue Reading

The Importance of Cybersecurity in eDiscovery

Cybersecurity is job number one for all litigation attorneys who handle confidential computer data. That’s because electronically stored information (ESI) held by law firms is now subject to frequent attack by criminal hackers. They have figured out that attorneys store valuable data of their clients in law firm computers. So when hackers cannot get at … Continue Reading